My Story


I earned a double degree in Molecular Biosciences and Psychology while attending the pre-med program at Washington State University. I always knew I wanted to help people and being a doctor felt like the perfect fit. But I was always unsettled. I could memorize facts all day and night, but I couldn't connect with what I was learning. In my heart, I always felt that modern medicine just wasn't natural, holistic, or fulfilling to me.

I decided to pursue my goals of helping others elsewhere. I became a Certified Disability Management Specialist and worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor. I loved helping people find work (and still do, check out my freelancing services!) but it didn't feel like I was doing "enough." I took on a management position at a dance studio where I worked with children. I started a volunteer-only cheer squad for elementary school girls. I joined a local service club. I never said no to an extra project. I didn't have time to be unsettled because I made myself busy.

Then 2020 hit... and it hit me hard.

Dance classes were canceled and I stopped seeing "my kids" at the studio (all 300ish of them). My cheer squad couldn't hold practices and our season was canceled. My service club couldn't meet. I tried to find something to fill my time and use my energy for good. I looked around my suburban neighborhood and I just couldn't figure out what I was doing with my life anymore. I took a hard step back to look at my life... and I found myself face-to-face with a resounding truth: I was going through the motions of the things that were supposed to make me happy, but my lifestyle still wasn't natural, holistic, or fulfilling to me. Something was missing.

Nature was missing.

Gardening was missing.

Animals were missing.

My heart was longing for something primal and real and self-sustaining.

This blog is about my journey to find internal peace and genuine happiness and to explore the parts of me that I have not taken the time to recognize.

I hope you find this project inspiring. I have always known that the most rewarding thing you can do in this world is to help someone else. 


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